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The GuardenTM, a complete multi-season garden system designed for limited-space/limited-time gardeners, has received the nationally recognized Seal-of-Approval from the National Home Gardening Club.

The National Home Gardening Club is a membership club for avid gardeners, consisting of over 650,000 members. Club members voluntarily test gardening products, such as The Guarden, and provide their impartial reviews.

The Guarden received high praise from National Home Garden Club members. Based on a 1-10 rating system (10 being highest), members rated The Guarden highest in the categories of Design (9.4), Ease of Use (9.3), Performance in Garden (9.0) and Accuracy of Manufacturer Claims (10.0). Members found the 2' x 4' model to be especially convenient for use in limited spaces, including apartments, townhouses and condos. Members commented on the convenience of The Guarden's practical, space-saving size, praising its feature of portability. Members also considered The Guarden "easy to use," and appreciated its easy directions, which include detailed pictures for simple assembly. The Guarden is designed to easily evolve with the seasons. The Guarden's quick-change seasonal covers allow for conversion from a mini-greenhouse, to a pest-protected garden, to a raised-bed planter, and finally to a season extender. The Guarden's durable, UVI poly greenhouse cover allows gardeners to start seeds early in the spring and protects plants from chilly fall nights. The Guarden is ideal for reaping maximum yields and protecting gardens from the unpredictability of nature.

The Guarden is designed and manufactured by Pharmtec Corporation of Richfield, Ohio, creators of high quality/ high value products for adults and imaginative toys for children.


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